Apple Day

Braeburn Apple Harvest

It’s no coincidence that Apple Day falls just as we end our apple harvest. Nor that we have chosen Apple Day to launch our new website which we hope is good introduction to Cotchel and our ambition to give a new lease of live to unloved fruit. This is our first blog and we’ll be adding more on a monthly basis as well as starting a regular email newsletter which you can sign up for below.


Apple Day was created by Common Ground in 1990 with the ambition of celebrating our the apples grown in Britain but also to raise awareness of the provenance and traceability of apples. Over the last 17 years, Apple Day has evolved and is celebrated in cities, towns and villages across the country, with many organisations like the Wild Life Trusts, the National Trusts, the WI, schools, farm shops and restaurants all celebrating the richness and diversity of apples grown in Britain.

To us Apple Day is a harvest home celebration as we’ve finally brought in all our apples this week. After months of caring for the trees, hoping for the rain at the right time, sun at at the right time, the trees can rest over winter. However we aren’t so lucky this year, the trees now need a good feed to help them recover from producing such a bountiful crop. Once they are fed and watered to set some nice fruit bud for next year we will wait for them to settle into winter dormancy before the long, skilled job of pruning can begin.