Tendring Fruit renamed as Cotchel

Cotchel orchards.jpeg

For four years we’ve been pressing and bottling fruit as Tendring Fruit, a collaboration between two old farming families in Great Oakley and neighbouring Wrabness in Essex. The collaboration began in 2014 pressing apples and pears we couldn’t sell into retail because they are too big, too small or too ugly to sell. 

After three years, we’ve have decided to change our name from Tendring Fruit to Cotchel to reflect our commitment to using fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Cotchel is market traders’ slang for ‘a little bit of something left over’ and reflects our shared heritage selling fruit to the London wholesale fruit markets.

We will continue to use apples and pears grown on our two farms in Wrabness and Great Oakley where we benefit from good soil, high light levels from the surrounding North Sea and river estuaries and a climate that is second to none in the UK for fruit production. 

As our autumn 2017 harvest is pressed, you will start to see our new brightly labelled bottles in farm shops, delis and other shops and cafes in the Essex area. It’s the same juice you have known as Tendring Fruit - just a fresh new look. We hope you like it!

Polly Robinson