Our juice

We produce four distinct juices made with apples and pears grown on our farm. Our aim is to give a new lease of life to fruit which is too big, too small or too ugly to be sold. We use apple varieties you might not have heard of before including Opal® a delicious large golden apple.

All our juice is available in large 750ml bottles (approx 5 glasses) and single serve 240ml bottles.  
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This is an apple juice for grown-ups - sharp and refreshing, just like biting into a Braeburn apple. A perfect alternative to wine with meals or addition to a cocktail.

A household favourite, Braeburns have a refreshing, crisp taste with a fine balance of sweetness and acidity. A chance discovery in New Zealand in the 1950s, we grow the popular Hillwell type which produces a redder version of the fruit in our particular location. Our orchards were planted in 2009 at Brook Farm in Great Oakley and Shore Farm in Wrabness.

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  • Variety: Braeburn

  • Taste: Crisp and sharp

  • Orchard: Shore Farm

  • Appearance: red and green



Crisp, refreshing and sweet with a tangy flavour, Opal apple juice is our children's favourite.

Opal® is a relatively new variety in the UK. A bright yellow apple with a slight blush and russet, we are one of just a handful of UK growers. Opal® apples are a firm favourite on the farm as soon as they try it. The variety is a cross between Topaz and Golden Delicious. We planted our orchards in 2011 and 2012 here at Brook Farm in Great Oakley.

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  • Variety: Opal

  • Taste: Full and sweet

  • Orchard: Home Field

  • Appearance: Golden straw

  • National Fruit Show 2017 Best in Show & Best Single Variety


TOPAZ & Evelina

This is a classic apple juice with just the right balance of sweet and sharp. 
Made from a blend of Topaz and Evelina Apples which are grown as pollinators in our Opal orchards - they are the reason we first started making juice. They don't store well and we don't grow enough for retail but the juice is delicious! Topaz apples are yellow with a ruby blush and creamy white flesh which is firm and crisp when cut and packed with sweet tart flavour with nuances of spice. Evelina are deep red apples with a fresh aromatic taste.

  • Variety: Topaz & Evelina

  • Taste: Sweet fruit with a soft finish

  • Orchard: Home Field

  • Appearance: Deep red and green

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Conference & braeburn

This is a complex juice with hints of spice. It's delicious straight from the fridge but we also like it warmed gently with mulling spices. The perfect non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine or cider on winter evenings.

Conference are the classic English pear. We planted our Conference orchards in Wrabness and Great Oakley in 2009, the different locations mean one orchard is nearly always ahead of the other which makes picking easier. The perfect Conference should be a long tear drop pear shape with a light speckled green colour with light russet.

  • Variety: Conference Pear & Braeburn Apples

  • Taste: Sweet fruit, lightly spiced, pear finish

  • Orchard: Home Field, Shore Farm

  • Appearance: Red and green apple with russet pear.